What is the project:

Providing businesses and organisations with a wide range of data highlighting how Cambridge is performing. Our monthly performance monitoring report includes:

  • Footfall (from five counters located across the BID Area – Kings Parade, Bridge Street, Sidney Street, Fitzroy Street and Regent Street).

  • Park and ride and car park usage data

  • Shopping centre footfall

  • City Ambassador data

  • Visitor numbers to the Visitor Information Centre

We also publish footfall data from our counters weekly and monthly.

In addition, in 2018 we started to produce a monthly sales index, collecting data from approx 40 businesses across the BID area. Our Sales Index is published alongside the Performance Monitoring Reports every month.

Project status:

Footfall Data is published on a weekly basis via the links to the left. Our monthly Cambridge Performance Report is published monthly and links sent out via a regular email.

Key dates:

Monthly reports will be sent to businesses.

Who does it benefit:

All businesses and organisations that have an interest in understanding how Cambridge is performing across a variety of different metrics.

How do you get involved:

To find out more or to be added to our email distribution list please contact Helen Hames on Helen.hames@cambridgebid.co.uk or 01223 903300

You can also attend the Performance Monitoring Group to find out more about this project.

Performance Monitoring Group:

The Cambridge Performance Group group was established in 2015 and looks at the data that Cambridge BID collects or obtains from other sources, this includes footfall data (from five counters across the city), car park and park and ride usage data, vacancy rates and data/heat maps from our City Ambassadors.

This information is helping businesses understand how the city is performing and these meetings enable businesses to compare trading patterns.

The next meeting is on Tuesday 5th February at 9.30am. Click here for the agenda. To confirm your attendance, please fill in the form below:

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