Understanding Cambridge's trading environment both during the day and night and ensuring we all take pride in our city is what makes Cambridge unique. We have put together this short Safe & Clean FAQ guide to answer some of the questions that you may have with regards to commercial waste, begging, rough sleepers and punt touts.

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When can I put my rubbish out?

Anybody who produces waste must by law take responsibility for ensuring it is managed and disposed of correctly. Duty-ofcare requirements for households and businesses are laid out in the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

There are strict rules as to when you can put your rubbish out in Cambridge. It is also imperative that you recognise that when your business closes for the day, there are still likely to be other businesses still trading or about to open.

For information on the services the council can provide for business waste you can contact the Customer Service Centre on 01223 458282 or email wasteandstreets@cambridge.gov.uk. .

For information on the enforcement of business waste requirements you can contact the Enforcement team on streetenforcement@cambridge.gov.uk.

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I have a lot of cardboard that needs to be taken away?

The City Council can arrange one off collections for existing customers. This must be processed by the trade team. Order should be received by email to trade@cambridge.gov.uk

How do I to report an abandoned bicycle?

You can report abandoned bicycles by calling the Customer Service Centre on 01223 458282 or by emailing the City Rangers at cityrangers@cambridge.gov.uk. You can also report abandoned bicycle locks to the council in the same way.

How do I report punt touts?

You should report Punt Touts to the Safer Communities Team on 01223 457950. The Enforcement Team have 6 Enforcement Officers, whilst they are not a rapid response they have a daily presence in the City dealing with issues such as punt touts, flyposting, litter, and dog fouling.

Who do I call to have cardboard and debris that is not mine removed?

You can call the Cambridge BID Rapid Response team 07773 369 117 who will arrange to remove any cardboard or debris from the area. This service will also remove bodily fluids, pigeon excrement, and needles. The Cambridge BID Rapid Response Service operate 7 days a week between 8:00am - 11:00am.

Who do I call if I have a rough sleeper outside my premise, or in my shop doorway?

If you are concerned about someone sleeping rough you can contact the Community Safety Team at the City Council giving as much detail as you can. They will notify the relevant agencies, who will try to help the person access support and accommodation.

Nuisance and anti-social behaviour associated with rough sleeping, a sleep site or begging area can also be reported to the City Council's Safer Communities Team on 01223 457950 or via email at asbsection@cambridge.gov.uk

The City Council do not have the legal power to demand that a rough sleeper moves on. Only the police can demand that a rough sleeper leaves an area where there is a breach of the peace or evidence of criminal activity.

The City Council will only intervene where there is antisocial behaviour associated with rough sleeping this could include; begging, drug related activity, abusive behaviour, causing an obstruction, leaving litter or hazardous waste around the sleep site, etc.  However in order to consider the most affective course of action they will need evidence and information about the nuisance caused and the impact it is having on you , your staff or business. They will not identify you as a complainant without your permission.

If the rough sleeper is causing an obstruction, is aggressive or intimidating towards staff, or you have concerns for their immediate welfare you should report this to the Police on 101 - or 999 if there is a risk of immediate harm to staff or customers.

Welfare concerns about a rough sleeper can be reported to the Cambridge Street & Mental Health Outreach Team on 01223366292 or the City Council on 01223 457000.

Who do I call if I see begging on the street or a beggar enters my premises?

Begging is often seen as linked to rough sleeping, but this is not always the case.

You might see people on the street with a sign asking for money to help them pay for accommodation. This is still classed as begging, even if there is no verbal request for money.

Begging is a criminal offence and should be reported to the Police. You can report online or phone 101. The Police may not always be able to attend, however the call will be logged and it will help to build a profile of the issues in that area.

If a beggar enters your premises with the sole intention of begging you should report this to the Police on 101.

If you want to help people on the streets, you can donate to Cambridge Street Aid instead of giving cash. All money donated to the scheme goes to grants for people who are, or have been, on the streets to help them leave the streets behind.  Contactless donations points are located across the city, including in the Grand Arcade shopping centre and the Guildhall reception centre.

Cambridge Street Aid

Launched in November 2016, Cambridge Street Aid is already helping people on the streets to turn a corner. The aim is to encourage people to think about donating their spare change to a charitable fund 'Cambridge Street Aid' rather than to those on the streets, who may be begging or rough sleeping. Encourage your staff and customers to donate to the Street Aid fund rather than give to beggars. Posters, window stickers and leaflets are available for businesses to promote the scheme to their staff and customers. If you would like some please contact the Cambridge BID office on 01223 903300. You can text CAMB16 £3 to 70070 to donate £3.

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